Stan's Barber Shop

Covid-19 Update at Stan's Barber Shop

We are doing our best to make your experience here safe for you and everyone in our shop. We are doing all of the required sanitation procedures for our industry as well as many of the suggested procedures. Here are some examples of what we have implemented.

Windows are kept slightly open for introduction of fresh air along with a HEPA air purifier running at all times, to help keep air circulating.

Customers are asked not to come inside early to keep contact to a minimum.

We are wearing N95 masks at all times. Customers are required to wear masks and verify that they have not been in contact with anyone testing positive for Covid-19 or having cold or flu symptoms.

We are temperature screening.

We are using a clean cutting cape for each person.

We wash and sanitize our combs, brushes, shears, clippers, chair and station after each customer.

We are cleaning our waiting chairs, door knobs, anything that you touch or that touches you gets cleaned and sanitized before each new person arrives.

Haircuts $21
Friday senior citizen $19

Call for an appointment at 847-438-7211.

Shop Hours:    T · 8-5  Ι  W · 8-3  Ι  Th · 11-7  Ι  F · 8-3  Ι Sat · 8-3